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What is a Deposition Summary?

A deposition summary is an objective, concise clerical digest of the main points of a deposition transcript. The summary identifies important points in the deposition by page and line. “Page-Line” summaries are
typically formatted to include columns for (i) page-line; (ii) exhibit; and (iii) summary of testimony. While there is no hard and fast rule, the transcript to deposition summary ratio is approximately 10:1 pages.

Must lawyers prepare deposition summaries?
No. Deposition summaries do not provide subjective legal advice or opinion. They are digests of the testimony presented and are not intended to replace reading the actual transcript. They can be prepared
by anyone with a legal background and experience with reviewing depositions with an understanding of transcript formatting. Estrin Legal Staffing uses a team of attorneys or paralegals with this experience along with a support team of subject matter experts with graduate degrees in English, business, science and technology.

Are outsourcing deposition summaries approved?
Yes. Outsourcing legal services, including deposition summaries, has been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), state and local bar associations, and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).
The NCRA has further held that, while a court reporter may not summarize a deposition transcript, there is no restriction for a deposition company to partner with a deposition summary provider.

Who prepares Estrin Legal Staffing Deposition Summaries?

Deposition summaries are prepared by dedicated teams of professionals. The team is comprised of attorneys and or/paralegals along with an additional staff with specialized backgrounds in law, science and technology and English. All of our specialists have undergone extensive training, including instruction by senior lawyers and law school faculty, on accurate, concise and active English; deposition practice; legal subject matter and procedure; unauthorized practice of law; confidentiality; duty of loyalty; malpractice; and statutes of limitation, among other areas of law.

How is the work kept confidential?
Every deposition summary specialist signs a confidentiality agreement. Each receives instruction on confidentiality, privilege and ethics, with periodic updates. Specialists are not permitted to carry any paper or storage devices inside or outside the company, and they maintain clean desks at the start and finish of each work day. Each system user is assigned a unique ID and PWD to log onto the system. Similar access policy is followed for accessing the servers. Server access is limited to the user group. We have disabled USB access on our PCs and none of the systems have access to CD drives. A firewall is used to restrict public email accounts and internet access is granted only on an as needed

Background checks are performed for (1) employment history; (2) education; (3) residence; (4) criminal background; and (5) general references.

Describe the Deposition Summary Workflow
Estrin Legal Staffing deposition summary customers either forward transcripts as email attachments or upload them onto a secured FTP web site. Upon receipt, a team leader assigns the transcripts for summary writing,
quality assurance and copy editing. A Project Manager emails or uploads the summaries onto the FTP.
The Project Manager also provides regular reports. Three team members are generally assigned to each transcript:

  Summary Writer reads through the transcript fully and then drafts the abstract.
  Copy Editor corrects spelling and grammatical errors, and
  Quality Control Analyst ensures consistency and prepares final format for delivery to the client.

To insure consistency, specialists follow established guidelines for each deposition. We work
with individual customers to refine our approach and develop guidelines more fully. The typical
turnaround for a transcript is 24-48 hours. A contact person is available at
                               Estrin Legal Staffing: 541.854.0673.

How do customers pay for deposition summaries?
Customers with individual work orders may pay by major credit card. Customers with larger and/or
regular orders are invoiced. A receipt is provided for all work performed.

Are there subject areas that lend themselves more readily to deposition summaries?
Yes. Event-driven litigation are summary-intensive. These areas include, but are not limited to, personal
injury, motor vehicle, property loss, construction, workers comp, social security, toxic tort, pharmaceutical
& medical device, commercial disputes, and examinations under oath. Summaries can assist attorneys
with multiple depositions taking place over a short period of time in order to cut down on pre-deposition
review time. Topics with dense or technical testimony benefit from the easy to read summary outline.